Welcome to my portfolio //


Sofiane Yaya // Graphic designer & Illustrator

Besides my high qualification in visual communication, it’s my passion for drawing that lead me to where I am today. It allowed me to constantly learn new techniques in the field : Be it ink or pixel, paper or a graphic tablet, vector or animation, I easily adapt and explore all the processes that give me the opportunity to express my art. My experiences allowed me to become a professional graphic designer on top of being an artist.


PIXEL PERFECT : I love to compare graphic creation to a goldsmith’s work. In my opinion, every creation should be unique. It has to be pleasing to the eye as much as it should conform to a specific norm. In order to obtain a flawless image quality, every single detail should be considered when making a creation. Having an expert knowledge of the digital production tools is a must-have to obtain a professional result.


DRIVEN BY THE HEART : I have always been attracted by the beauty of what surrounds us. With an innate drawing ability, I am passionate about creation under all its forms. For me, Imagining, creating and finding new inspirations are part of a vital need. One of my favorites exercises is the creation of logotypes and graphic identities because it generally symbolizes the start of a project.


OUT THE BOX : Every project I am involved in is an opportunity for me to bring my creative and strategic vision. I love to challenge my inventiveness and creativity to surprise with both unexpected and efficient creations. My vision, audacity and ability to listen will give you full satisfaction.


You will find bellow a sample of the numerous clients that I collaborated with in the last years.